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The Research Doctorate is awarded to a candidate who has made an independent and original contribution to a specific research area and who has successfully completed an approved course of study incorporating a taught component and a research component, culminating in the submission of a thesis to a requisite standard.


Doctorate and Research Studies | PhD

Applications are welcomed from students interested in pursuing either a full-time or part-time Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and who satisfy the University's entry criteria. Katowice School of Economics provide professional, self-motivated researchers with the freedom to explore their chosen subject to its limits and the support to make a significant contribution to their subject by means of their research and thesis.

Doctoral studies - mostly classified as PhDs - are for people who have usually completed a postgraduate master's degree and want to undertake a period of highly specialised independent research training.

Doctoral studies are also designed to provide students with deeper knowledge on the given subject, train their critical thinking skills, and give them the ability to identify important research issues.

In many disciplines research has become a truly collaborative national and international endeavour where institutional, regional, and national boundaries are no longer an obstacle to collaboration. This also has benefited our students, who can easily contact researchers, fellow students, and professionals all over the world. This has provided them with tremendous opportunity for expanding their vision.

Based on authorization, given by the polish Ministry of Science and Education, the Katowice School of Economics (Poland) offers internationally fully recognized doctoral studies leading to a European PhD.

Apply for Research Doctorate

If you are applying for a Research Doctorate you should:

  • check the research interests detailed on the relevant department website to see if we can offer expert supervision in your chosen area of specialisation.

  • prepare two references as part of the admissions criteria

  • prepare a brief research proposal to outline the research you would like to undertake, including any potential supervisors that you have identified.

  • submit a full application with all supporting documentation.

How to apply

Online Application Form

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