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As a creative and forward thinking higher education institution, e.g. our University partner the CH-Warsaw Management University (WMU) offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programmes of studies, with options to study part-time or full-time. Choose your level of study to find out more.


As the programmes of studies are focussing on lifelong learning for adults, freshmen, mid-career learners and full-time professionals with a view to sustainable development, the educational process is centred around their needs and requirements. Therefore, the study process is based on full-time and part-time study integrating combined didactical approaches. Educational delivery systems include residential studies, IT assisted learning (blended learning), and work-based-studies supported by systematic coaching or supervised by faculty and teaching staff.

Course Structure

Following the recommendations of the Bologna Follow-up Group and the Bologna-tuning Group, our University partners are offering the new, recommended structure of study programs. Bachelor's programs extend over a period of six (eight) semesters and Master's programs over a period of three (four) semesters. Each student has to be enrolled into the first semester of the study programme during which time, students may undergo our APL-Procedure (Accreditation of Prior Learning) and submit an application for exemption from certain modules/units. Certain ECTS-Credits towards a Bachelor's degree may be granted for demonstrated proficiency, while for Master’s studies the amount of credits through exempted modules may vary. Doctoral students should contact the Office of Admissions for assessing their APL opportunities.

Learning Structure

All courses are structured according to the Bologna reform on modules. A module is the connection of several courses related objectively to an educational unit, which will be completed and validated on proof of performance.


The Warsaw Management University is a modern and inter-disciplinary higher education institution. Our goal is to attract qualified and talented students for undergraduate degree programs of WMU. It will be offered many innovative courses and qualifications by way of contemporary forms of learning. Applicants and Students will find policies and procedures for progressing towards graduation, and links to study pathways and support organizations.


Masters courses combine advanced level teaching with a customized research project or dissertation, supervised by leading academics in their field. Master and MBA programmes will be offered in specific fields of studies. Visit the course pages for more information.

DBA | DOCTOR in Business Administration

We seek applicants who demonstrate academic excellence, and welcome applicants from diverse academic, cultural and professional backgrounds. Professional doctorates are designed to provide research competence for professionals in a range of economic and social science settings; and to enable professional and institutional development through research engagement at a high level. The following pages provide key information about applying for Doctor in Business Administration at Warsaw Management University. | Copyright 2017. All rights reserved.
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